In late September members travelled to One Mile Beach to photograph various sites around Port Stephens. The group spent most of Saturday travelling around the area scouting out locations. Birubi Beach was the perfect setting with a little cloud cover presenting beautiful light for the shoot.

Just as the sun was setting camels came into view and they made a perfect silhouette against the golden sky. Unfortunately, as the sun set, clouds covered the sky and an astrophotography shoot planned for the night had to be abandoned.

Sunday morning saw the club members rise at 4:30am for an early morning shoot at Fisherman’s Bay. While there was some cloud cover the sunrise was a little underwhelming compared to the previous night’s spectacular event.

After breakfast members travelled to Marrungbanga Reserve near Shoal Bay. The overcast sky provided soft muted light and the single tree and seat was a favourite subject for the photographers.

The next location was Salamander Bay where the group spent time photographing as the tide rose.Despite it being close to the middle of the day, the overcast weather continued to provide a beautiful soft light for taking pictures.

In the late afternoon club members headed to the sand dunes near Birubi Beach in the hope of catching the fading light on the wind-blown patterns of the dunes. Once again the light provided excellent opportunities for members to capture the unique patterns provided by the sandbanks.

With the sun setting the group then headed to Birubi Beach for a final shoot. With only one cloud in the sky it looked as if the sunset wouldn’t be producing any quality imagery, however, the cloud drifted towards the sunset setting off a spectacular sunset.

After sunset and dinner club members headed to Birubi Point to try their hand at some astrophotography. The rocks provided perfect foreground for images, although the glow of lights from Newcastle was a little intrusive. With sea mist rolling in at 9pm it was decided to bring the shoot to its conclusion.

Once again the group rose at 4:30am for another shoot early morning at Fisherman’s Beach. While the sunrise wasn’t spectacular it did provide plenty of opportunities for exploring the rocky outcrops that were bathed in early morning golden light.