On Wednesday, 30 October club members travelled south to Kiama to photograph some of its highly regarded attractions. The first stop was Cathedral Rock, however, with a high tide and being the middle of the day photographic opportunities were limited so the group ventured to Bombo Quarry to scout out some locations for an evening shoot.

After a break for lunch in Kiama the group headed further south to Gerringong and took the time to explore the old cemetery and Boat Harbour.

Bombo Quarry was the location for the group’s sunset shoot and the added smoke haze created some beautiful light for photography. Unfortunately the smoke also prevented any astrophotography at the picturesque location.

Thursday morning saw the party rise at 4:30am and head back to the Quarry. The smoke haze was still evident as the sun rose and this provided some extra colour to most images. The swell continued to pound the rocks and this along with the haze provided some fantastic opportunities for dramatic images.

After breakfast the group headed south to Gerroa Beach and Werri Lagoon to scout out a location for the sunset shoot. After much discussion the decision was made to come back to Gerroa Beach that evening.

With lunch rapidly approaching club members headed to Jamberoo for lunch in the pub and then set out to photograph Minnamurra Falls. Due to the drought there was little water running over the falls so a helpful Park Ranger suggested Carrington Falls. On the way to the Falls the group also took the opportunity to photograph Nellie’s Glen waterhole.
With the sun rapidly setting club members headed back to Gerroa for a spectacular evening shoot. Once again the smoke haze provided some wonderful lighting, however, the smoke also meant that a planned astrophotography shoot had to be abandoned.

On Friday morning the group once again rose at 4:30am and this time headed to Cathedral Rocks for a dawn shoot. With the tide low there were plenty of accessible locations for all members with some even venturing into the nearby cave to capture the stunning sunrise.