Annual Xmas dinner

The 2019 Xmas dinner was held in the Encore room of the Manly Leagues Club with 30 members attending and enjoying a convivial night including the celebration of Peg Jones 101st birthday.

Drinks kicked off before the scheduled start at 7.00 and the Asian hors d’ouevre platters followed around 7.15. There was a happy vibe in the room.

The dinner layout was configured with small trestle tables (5) seating 6 people rather than the large round tables of previous years. This made for a more intimate atmosphere and ability to easily engage in conversation. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Our annual awards commenced a bit after 9.00pm with results as follows in order of placing:

The IOTY for each category were: Mono print by Bob Hunting, colour print by Erith French, digital mono and colour by Ian Caldwell.

  • Colour print: Erith French, Denise Petrie and Bob Hunting
  • Mono print: Erith, Bob H and Denise.
  • Digital colour: Anna Roustoby, Bill Gillespie and Ian Caldwell.
  • Digital mono: Bill Gillespie, Ian Caldwell and Margo Lucas.

Winner of highest total points scored was won by Erith topping off her accomplishments in the print awards..

The winners of the points comp shared 15 Judges Choice awards: Erith 5 and 4, Anna 3 and Bill G 3.

No one seemed keen to have an early night and circulated between tables until people began to slowly depart from about 10.00. A thoroughly good night!