On Sunday, 21 June 2020 seven members travelled to Oberon for a three day shoot hoping to catch some foggy morning landscapes and indulge in a bit of astrophotography and light painting.

Upon arriving in Oberon members met up at the Long Arm Farm Café and Produce for a quick meal. After a delicious lunch the groups decamped to Oberon Dam to explore the area for a possible evening shoot.

After exploring many areas around the dam and with storm clouds on the horizon and chilly winds club members decided to head to their accommodation at Duck Maloi Park Lodge. The idea of an evening shoot at the dam was put on hold.

After arriving at the Lodge and meeting our host Gerard, who clarified the properties boundaries and showed everyone the intricacies of the guest house, members decided to head to the Fish River which formed one boundary of the property.

With sunset approaching and a few key spots identified for morning and evening photo shoots, members returned to the Lodge and the warm embrace of an open fire.

After a fabulous community meal and a few glasses of red wine members noticed a star studded evening sky and headed outside for an astrophotography shoot. No sooner had members set up their gear and pointed their camera skywards when clouds appeared and everyone headed back indoors and out of the drizzling rain. After a few more red wines and a few of the world’s problems solved members headed to their rooms to get ready for an early morning shoot.

With foggy conditions a colourful sunrise looked promising, however, heavy cloud continued to conceal the rising sun. Despite taking a number of images the decision was made to return to the Lodge, load up with a few calories and then head out to scout for a few locations.

Members split into two groups with one group heading to the Fish River and another heading towards Hampton. The misting rain continued for most of the day and despite the rain members still found patches of sunshine in which to indulge their passion.

With heavy clouds continuing to obscure the sky members headed back to Oberon to stock up on supplies before returning the Lodge for the evening meal and hopefully a chance of an astrophotography shoot. The skies finally cleared at about 10pm and members ventured outside and set up their camera once again.

After about half an hour the clouds reappeared and with drizzling rain and a hint of snow falling members decided that the best option was to return to the roaring fires of the lodge.

Members tried once again for an early morning shoot and while there was a very short morning glow, heavy clouds soon appeared and with the chilly conditions breakfast seemed like a better option than walking in wet grass.

After breakfast members decided to explore the area around Tarana and spent time taking photos of small churches and the landscape.


A delicious lunch was had at Mumma Snow’s Country Kitchen  and then the group headed to Flat Rock Reserve for a photo shoot before heading back to Duck Maloi Park Lodge.

With the end of the trip fast approaching members decide to capture some more images of the Fish River from the property and rather than walk to the river the decision was made to drive as far as possible and then walk the remaining distance.

Despite driving most of the way it didn’t stop a few adventurous members from exploring alternative avenues to access the Fish River. With evening fast approaching, and quite a few images taken, members headed back to the Lodge for a final evening meal.

After a hearty meal, a few glasses of red wine and more of the world’s problems solved members spotted an opportunity for a final astrophotography shoot. Despite the time being quite late the clouds departed, members grabbed their gear rushed outside, took one or two shots and then the drizzle and falling snow flakes once again drove them inside.

Before departing members once again tried for an early morning shoot, however, heavy clouds and fog denied them any opportunity to enhance the number of images they acquired on the outing.

While the conditions might not have been perfect photography wise they were excellent for members to come together, make connections and share their passion for photography.