On Thursday, 11 March 2021 well known photographer and judge Dave Whiteman gave a presentation via Zoom to club members. The topic of the presentation was “creative”.

Dave delivered his presentation in two parts. He started the first section by starting a conversation about the definition of creative photography. Dave explained that creative photography has to be outside normal photography that it includes extra elements but that those underlying elements must be the intent of the photographer and have an underlying purpose. Creative photography can take place in camera or during post production.

Dave explained that there are many different types of creative photography. Dave suggested that in camera movement, expressionism, still life with lighting, compositing and experimenting with colour are some of the more common types of creative photography that people will see on the internet.

Dave then showed a selection of his images and spoke about each one as examples of the creative process and then discussed those points in detail as they relate to each of the images.

Dave went into some detail about setups he uses with still shots in his studio including controlling the lighting, props, layouts, cameras and lens.

Dave also showed how he brought together various images and then combine them to create a composite image.

In the second part of his presentation Dave gave members some insight into his post production techniques using Lightroom and Photoshop. Dave demonstrated the techniques on some of his images with emphasis on overlays, textures and blending.

Dave concluded the night by providing members with a comprehensive list of resources that they could explore to further develop their creative photography.

Joel Tjintjelaar – Fine Art B&W https://www.bwvision.com/about-2/
Julia Anna Gospodarou – Fine Art B&W – Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/julia.gospodarou, Website https://www.juliaannagospodarou.com

Definition of Creative contains two important aspect that differentiates creative photography from everyday photography. https://visualwilderness.com/composition-creativity/what-is-creative-photography

Impressionist Photography – Eva Polak – https://evapolak.com/home.html
Texture Basics & Resources – https://2lilowls.com/texture-basics-mini-workshop/
Creative Ideas – https://youtu.be/eGtJ9f8otqY
Creative Ideas – https://youtu.be/MONAq0ZNVeo
Layer Masks for Beginners – https://youtu.be/sbS5oUuGbGY
Add Background Textures in Photoshop – https://youtu.be/tXnW9h1vM8E